Our Story

On one of the most isolated  islands on earth, a dream was born. 

A pristine tropical island known as the melting pot of the Pacific, Hawaii is home to many different cultures. Generation after generation of Hawaiian, Polynesian, Japanese, Korean, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Portuguese,

Filipino, Vietnamese and many other families (ohanas) broke cultural barriers through gatherings with good food and entertainment. In time, these cultures adopted the best recipes from another, then added their own unique spin on them. The result is a most flavorful fusion cuisine endemic only to Hawaii.

Our personal experience growing up in Hawaii is filled with abundant memories of cookouts on the beach with family and friends… and by friends, we mean anyone walking along the beach enticed by the aromas smoking from the grill, would stop to become friends, and share a meal. That’s the true spirit of aloha; treating everyone like family. Our dream is to share a little slice of paradise with our distant neighbors here in the Pacific NorthWest and beyond. 

Where Cultures Come Together